Happy 2010 – I’m still here!

Contrary to what some of you might think, I’m still here and active. I’ve had some problems with this site for a bit, and we finally got it working again. I only hope that some of you still care enough to check in. I’m planning on doing a blog entry once a week, on any topic that interests anybody. If you have a weird question or an idea for a bizarre blog post, please drop me a line, either through a comment here on the site, or to my email: lpreble at cox.net

Let’s make some bizarro blogs!

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A new post at last!

If anyone has wondered whether I’m still around or not, the answer is no. No, I’m not really here. It’s all an elaborate hoax perpetrated by the Man.

Anyway, hope your holidays are jolly. One of my resolutions for next year is to blog more frequently. Of course, since my last post was in January, I’d guess any amount of blogging would help me accomplish my goal of blogging more frequently, huh?


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Post from some of the coolest geeks ever!

I wanted to share this most excellent post I received from Maggie, a fan who, along with her friends Jess, Elisha, and Jessica, created a youtube interpretation of QUEEN GEEK SOCIAL CLUB. Check out the link to their movie!

From Maggie:
Hi there!Â
I just wanted to let you know about a video that a few of my friends and I made together. First, let’s take a look at how we found out about your amazing books.Â
Our friend Jess read an article on The Queen Geek Social Club (we fondly refer to it as QGSC). She was really excited about it so her and I went out and each bought a copy. She read hers and then lent it to our friend Elisha, then I read mine and lent it to our friend Jessie. We were hooked. We had so much in common with them that we decided that we were Queen Geeks too. We even referred to the girls that were too skinny for their own good as Twinkies. We then went out and bought QGIL. When we got the second one it was during the week of the SAT’s at our private school (Scholastic Achievement Tests, not Standardized Aptitude Tests) so every time we had stopped the end of our section and take out a book we would pick up yours. I kept hearing Jess cracking up next to me though. I believe it was that weekend that we were painting Jess’ bedroom (well, flicking different colors of paint onto her white walls, to be more exact) and then we decided hey! why not paint our jeans!? They were old anyways because we had chosen them to get some paint on them that day. So we painted different things on them and then took out the sharpies. Oh yes. We took out the books and wrote down our favorite quotes (we had underlined them as we went along) on our jeans. Those our now our lovely geek jeans. Another time we rented the original The Day the Earth Stood Still to watch together. We’ve had two annual Star Wars marathons together also, always followed by a 3 AM light saber fight. This spring, we our holding our own National Invisible Boy Day. We are in the process of coming out with our bi-monthly magazine: Geek Chic. We have even made a Geek Green drink- non-alcoholic of course.Â
Now aside from all of that we have begun one new venture. The Adventures of the Queen Geeks.Â
That is the first episode and the second is under way. Yes, we are making videos inspired by your book. We don’t claim that you wrote these or anything. We simply use your books as inspiration and are trying to get the word out there that it’s a good thing to be smart and not ignorant. We have Shelby, Becca and Euphoria. I just wanted to say that we love your books and that it was one of the first things that really helped us form our entire friendship.Â
Thank you for writing these.Â
Sincerely yours,
Maggie C.
(On behalf of Jessica B., Elisha H. and Jessie A.)Â

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Check out my famous quotations!

My son Austin sent me this link. He was looking up quotations for a school project and found quotes from my book on the famous quotes site! Yes, it made me feel valid. I guess I need to get out more.

Click here to check out my famous quotations…

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Interview, take 2

See interview here.

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Great review from TEENSREADTOO!

PROM QUEEN GEEKS by Laura Preble
Category: Â Contemporary
Age Recommendation: Â Grades 9+
Release Date: Â 9/2/08
Publisher: Â Berkley
Reviewed by: Â Randstostipher “tallnlankyrn” Nguyen
Rating: Â 4 Stars

It’s been awhile since The Queen Geek Social Club has taken their next step in trying to conquer the world. And
Becca is getting pretty antsy about the sudden lack of ideas.

Desperately trying to become sane once again, she’s on the hunt to find that one thing that everyone is crazy about. Is
it just a coincidence or luck that prom season has just arrived?

Despite the constant reminders from Fletcher and Carl, Shelby and Becca aren’t too sure they want to accompany
their boyfriends to the worst social event in the history of high school. Although Shelby actually wouldn’t mind going
with Fletcher, who is a shoo-in for court, choosing Fletcher’s side could possibly push Becca over the edge, and we
all know what kind of trouble that would cause.

What’s Becca’s solution to this problem? Geek Prom! The first ever prom that isn’t about the fancy dresses, the
overpriced tickets, and the need to become the queen and king for one night. Sure, it may take some time and lots of
effort to complete this mission, especially when certain people, including boyfriends, aren’t so hot on the idea that it is
to be held on the same night as the “normal” prom.

All the Queen Geeks seem perfectly fine with this plan – who would dare cross Becca? Maybe Shelby? Trying to
sustain her relationship with Fletcher while tending to Becca’s crazy idea isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

Of course, Shelby isn’t the only one with love troubles.  Carl is definitely not happy with Becca, but who needs him
when the newest queen geek, Evie, is like her clone?  And Shelby’s dad just found himself in a pickle when a certain
someone interrupts his relationship with Becca’s mom.

Two proms, one night, plenty of drama.

Hilariously entertaining, PROM QUEEN GEEKS carries on the momentum from the previous two novels in the
series. The characters are crazier, the relationships are even cuter, and the beginning, middle, and end will make you
squeal with excitement. Laura Preble continues to satisfy her fans with this great series that will ultimately make the
reader want to strike up their own Geek Prom.

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Kiddie McKidster for President

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Please review

Hey – if you have a copy of PROM QUEEN GEEKS and have read it (and hopefully liked it), could you please go on amazon and/or Barnes and Noble.com and review it? So far there are no reviews at all. This may be partially because no one can seem to find the book! I’ve had many emails from frustrated readers who complain that they go to their local book conglomerate and cannot find it. You can always order online, or through my favorite indie bookstore, Mysterious Galaxy, where I am the affiliate of the month. Anyway, if you could do a geek a favor, I would appreciate it, and I’ll give you a ride in my invisible jet.

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Read all about the origins of Euphoria!

Link to Mysterious Galaxy blog

Want to delve into the deep, psychological underpinnings of Euphoria the robot? Check out my guest blog on the Mysterious Galaxy myspace. If you don’t have a myspace, you can also read it at the Fresh Fiction site, by clicking here.

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It’s almost September….time for you to hop over to the Mysterious Galaxy website to get your copy (or copies) of PROM QUEEN GEEKS. They’re small, they’re colorful, perfect for gifts, and wonderful conversation pieces if you use them as coasters at high-level parties.


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